7 Easy Techniques to Clean Upholstery in Summers

7 Easy Techniques to Clean Upholstery in Summers

Who does not love the summers? The major reasons why we love summers are its implication of vacations, lazy days at the beaches, and a fresh supply of veggies from the garden and so on. Besides this, there is one important chore that makes these summers not so interesting and that is maintaining clean upholstery.

Although the weather is pleasant and the sun shines bright in the summers, yet this season offers some unique messes at home that one needs to take care of. From spillagehttp stains to melted ice-creams on the upholstery, makes it even more challenging. But the best part is you can fight these challenges if you are aware of various tricks of the trade. Below mentioned are the seven easy techniques to maintain clean upholstery in summers.

1. Patio furniture

Many of us like sipping the coolers while enjoying the sun. This further leads to the issues of spillage and other weather elements and outdoor factors equally make the outdoor cushions filthy.

Pertaining to the fabric used in your patio furniture, you should adopt the spot cleaning technique as your tool. While addressing the spots on your furniture, you can employ hose along with a delicate cleaning solution to serve the purpose. Also, ensure whatever solution you are using to clean the fabric, just read its instructions carefully. If any care instructions are given on it, make it a point of complying with them to avoid any damages to your furniture.

2. Vacuuming and dusting the Furniture Often

During summers build it as a habit to eliminate any dust, dirt, and crumbs from your upholstered furniture by vacuuming the fabricated surfaces of the same. This technique allows you to relate the grime and dirt that might have settled on your upholstered furniture from the floor. A scheduled vacuuming avoids the further accumulation of dirt on the furniture and ultimately helps it retain its fresh look.

3. Rotate Cushions

The living area of any house is the frequently hit spot by the family members during summers. This is because everyone tends to get together in one place, where the air conditioner is functional and serves all.

Following this, the upholstered furniture in your living room is deemed to get dirty in summers. Thereupon, an easy technique to prevent the wearing of the cushions placed on your sofa sets is by flipping them occasionally.

7 Easy Techniques to Clean Upholstery in Summers

4. Application of Fabric Protector

Another easiest way of protecting your fabrics is by the application of the right layer of the protective guard. For instance, one can use a scotch guard as a protection shield for the fabrics to prevent any issue of wear and tear.

This shield will act as an umbrella that will preserve your fabric from absorbing any spills if occurred. This layer blocks the fibres of the fabric to absorb any kind of spillage be it ice cream, red wine, summer coolers and so on.

5. Deodorize With Baking Soda

To eliminate any kind of odor from your upholstery, resort to the method of sprinkling baking soda on its surface. Since summers brings along a lot of issues like sweating, and it is the same sweat that people carry to your home when they visit your place from somewhere outside.

The moment they grab a seat on your furniture, their sweat’s odor is certain to seep into your upholstery. Therefore, you can get rid of this problem by scattering some baking soda on its surface and allowing it to rest for an hour prior to vacuuming it.

7 Easy Techniques to Clean Upholstery in Summers

6. Attend the Spills Right Away

With the advancement of summers, comes in the problem of spillages. To address this issue, one should keep a white absorbent piece of cloth handy, in order to attend these issues of spillages.

As soon as a spill happens, the first step that you should take is to absorb it. Make sure you do not rub it, especially when the cause of the spill is a coloured fluid like juices. Once you have absorbed as much of the liquid as possible, treat the spot with an appropriate cleaner and let it dry for a while.

7. Steam Clean

For most of the people, it might have been a while that they have got their upholstery steam cleaned. However, summers can be the best time to get them cleaned. The process of steam cleaning helps to wipe off any dirt and stains from your upholstered furniture. These issues might have been persisting on your furniture for quite a while, making it appear dull, dingy and unattractive. So, opt for a professional steam clean for your upholstery to have a fresh looking house this summer.

We Know How to Keep Your Upholstery Clean This summer

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