How Reliable is your Home Cleaning Routine?

How Reliable is your Home Cleaning Routine?

Are you satisfied with your daily cleaning routine? While cleaning our spaces, we often do things that we think are the right way to go. However, many a time, what might work well for others, may not work for us. Every home needs a unique set of cleaning regimen. Today we bust some of the myths about cleaning:

1. What’s clean, smells clean:

A common notion is that Clean things, must smell clean. However, that doesn't stand true when it comes to rugs, upholstery, carpets, and sofa cleaning, A clean carpet doesn't need to smell soapy. Upholstery cleaning should not result in your sofa smelling like detergent. You aim to get a decent looking home, not a bleach factory.

2. Use bleach when you have to clean:

There are a variety of other cleaning products apart from the bleach. Always match the surface you want to clean with a correct cleaning product. Limit the use of bleach to disinfecting hard surfaces and treating colorfast fabrics.

3. A quick dusting routine:

Many homeowners depend on superficial cleaning. However, it is not enough. If you haven't done professional cleaning in the past year, it's high time you do so. Invest in professional deep cleaning service to eliminate soiling built up over many months. Dusting doesn't get rid of germs and allergens.

How Reliable is your Home Cleaning Routine?

4. Paper towels are useful for cleaning needs:

Do not rely too much on paper towels for cleaning. Paper towels are only suitable for wiping up spills and splashes. They are not appropriate for deep cleaning.

5. Use cotton to clean when you don’t have cloth:

Using cotton, might not be a good idea because it leaves behind fine lint. Use a white material which can soak liquids.

6. Use cleaners for your surface and wipe down immediately after spraying it on your surfaces:

While it is reasonable and necessary to wipe off a cleaner before it dries on a surface, it is also an excellent idea to let it sit a bit, especially on old dirt. This will help you clean a space that hasn’t been cleaned properly. If you have not been using the right techniques for self-cleaning, now is the time to fix that. Use the ideas as mentioned above and create a healthy cleaning routine.

How Reliable is your Home Cleaning Routine?

Professional Cleaning

Professional cleaning is needed at least twice every year. Not every cleaning need can be handled on your own. We all require professional experts. Kings Carpet Cleaning is a residential and commercial carpet cleaning service which has been serving Brampton, ON, and the surrounding areas with a variety of cleaning services. Our existing customers use our carpet cleaning services and end up recommending us to almost everyone they know.

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