Ways to Recapture Red Wine Stains From Upholstery

Ways to recapture red wine stains from upholstery

We all have a bitter-sweet relationship with red wine. Although we love the bold, fruity flavour of the red wine but hate when a glass of it stains up the upholstery. Moreover, if you love wine, then the occasional spills are inevitable. But you don't have to regret the accident the next morning. This can happen only when you immediately tend the affected area with proper ways for red wine stain removal.

Therefore, below runs the list of the complete guide on how you can remove the stains of red wine from the upholstery.

1. Blot the Stain with Paper Towels

As soon as you find there is a spill, immediately blot the affected area with a paper towel. However, if you discover it later and the stain gets dried out, then you can immediately follow the next step.

2. Use warm water to sponge the stain

Prepare a concoction of water and salt. Now dampen a sponge in this mixture. Further, blot and scrub the stained area. Usually, a fresh stain gets diluted by the warm water and this further allows it to come off easily.

Therefore you should wring it out and resoak it often in order to prevent the problem from spreading further. Perhaps the old, dried out stains are quite hard to remove, but certain of those stains can be addressed with these ways. For tough stains, you should try the fourth solution.

3. Utilize Talcum Powder

Spread some talcum powder over the stained area and let it sit for a couple of minutes (for about three to four minutes). Now with the help of a brush, spread and scrub the talcum all over the area. Later remove the excess or residue with the same brush.

If the stain is too hard to be cleared, then you can repeat the step again and this time assess if the stain has been completely removed. If it has not been removed, you can proceed to step four.

 Ways to recapture red wine stains from upholstery

4. Pour a Small Amount of Vinegar and Brush it

In certain cases where you constantly try to remove the stains, yet are not able to succeed. In those cases, the stubborn stains can be attended with vinegar.

You just have to pour some vinegar on the affected area and brush it off. The acid present in the vinegar helps to fasten the process of removing a red wine stain.

5. Pour some Liquid Detergent

Once you have attended the area with vinegar, you can pour a small amount of liquid detergent on it, which helps in final lifting up of any residues on wine from the upholstery.

Later, wipe it off with a clean sponge dipped in warm water and blot a new paper towel. Now when the wine stains are gone, you can take off the upholstery if possible and try to wash it in the washing machine that is set on a hot cycle and then spin dry it.

 Ways to recapture red wine stains from upholstery

6. Make use of Upholstery Cleaners

If all the above-mentioned tips do not work successfully, then you can buy an upholstery cleaner from any local hardware and departmental store. They are not that expensive.

All you have to do is just spray the product on the stain directly and using a brush, scrub it away. Followed by that rinse it with a sponge that is dampened with the warm water and dry out the excess with paper towels. In case the stain persists, you can repeat the process as and when required.

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