Preserve Your Upholstery From Allergens Through Professional Cleaning

 Preserve Your Upholstery From Allergens Through Professional Cleaning

Who does not like clean, dust-free and well-vacuumed upholstery? Everyone loves their space to be spic and span. A lot of people engage in vacuuming their upholstery frequently. But have you ever wondered, that does vacuuming alone is enough to deep clean your space?

The answer is NO. Since vacuuming alone just cleans the surface, it does not eliminate any trapped allergens or debris from your furniture. Thus, professional upholstery cleaning is a must-have exercise to withdraw any accumulated microbes or allergens to help your home stay healthy. Cutting the long story short lets surf through some of the contaminants that find homes in your upholstery.

Dust Mites

Dust mites are a kind of allergens that are prevalent in every corner of your home. Be it your upholstered beds, chairs, sofas and so on. Although you wash your beddings in hot water at regular intervals, yet your sofas, chairs, couches could not be washed thoroughly in your washing machines.

Hence, a professional upholstery cleaning service is a must to have dust mites free furniture. The deep cleaning techniques involved in these services leave your upholstery fresh and allergen free.

Allergens from Pets Dander

If you have got pets at your home, then your upholstery is quite prone to allergens sourced from pet dander. As a matter of fact, it is almost impractical to keep your pets off from your furniture’ upholstered surfaces. Considering that it is highly recommended to opt for professional upholstery cleaning services to keep you space allergen free and healthy.

Even though you do not have pets, allergens and dust make way to your home somehow. Dust, pollens, and ragweed invade your space through doors and windows. Further, these contaminants settle on the upholstered surfaces.

Fungi and Bacteria

Yes, you heard it right. Fungi can sprout on your upholstered furniture. And vacuuming alone cannot eliminate it. According to the studies, it has been stated that mould (a type of fungi) has 200 variants and they can stay on your upholstery happily. In addition to that, certain types of bacteria can also breed on dry surfaces for several months.

These viruses are quite unhealthy for your body, to make you fall sick once you come into their contact. Thus, to rip them off from your abode should be your first step towards healthy living. Thereupon, professional upholstery cleaning services are imperative to let your house be deeply cleaned of such viruses.

 Preserve Your Upholstery From Allergens Through Professional Cleaning

Things you get home

Last but not least, have you ever wondered what all activities you do whole day long and how it affects your living space. Right from going to your workplace to walking to the grocery store and other errands that you run outdoors, expose you to debris. Although you might remove your shoes before you enter your home, yet many people do not do so and directly jump over the couch/sofa/bed to relax for a while after a taxing day.

However, you may even go for a shower and change into fresh clothes before you could crash to the same sofa/couch/bed to relax. Still, you stand exposed to the debris that would have settled in your upholstered furniture. Though you are cautious of your wellbeing and habits, yet how could you stop others or the things you get home from carrying those allergens indoor. This calls for a professional upholstery cleaning service.

In a Nutshell

Though furniture makes a home comfortable but clean and fine furnishings make the home healthy and elegant. This is why we at King Carpet Cleaning take the charge of cleaning your upholstery professionally, leaving it to look and smell better. We have professional solutions to all your queries right from mattress cleaning in Surrey to upholstery cleaning in Richmond. No matter you reside in Toronto, Brampton, Burlington or Vancouver, we have our carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning services running in all these major cities.

Our services are deemed to remove all the microbes, debris, bacteria and other allergens that are breeding on your furniture. King Carpet Cleaning do not employ harsh chemicals or leave residue behind while carrying professional upholstery cleaning services. Rather we aim to leave you with a healthy and tidy home.

 Preserve Your Upholstery From Allergens Through Professional Cleaning