How To Get Rid Of Bloodstains From Your Carpet?

Everyone once in a while either falls, cuts themselves, or gets a scrape. Sometimes that leaves a little souvenir on your rug. Undoubtedly, bloodstains are some of the toughest stains, and it takes a lot of work to remove them from a carpet. It's quite easy to take it out fresh than when it's been sitting on your carpet for days. Although it's always best to go for professional carpet cleaning in Mississauga, here are a few tips and tricks that can make your carpet look brand new!

For The Stain That Doesn't Go

Carpets get dirty very quickly regardless of the fact how careful you are about not walking through the house with your shoes on. Children and pets are more likely to get inside bloodstains. Dogs can also bring in the dirt, dust, and blood all over their coat. Children usually spend a lot of time outside playing and sometimes get injured while doing all sorts of fun activities.

However, these stains should not be neglected, and it can be quite a stupendous task to remove them afterward. Start by spot treating to get rid of the stain so you can minimize the damage on your carpets until you are able to call a professional. Let's check out a few cool tips to remove ugly bloodstains from your carpet.

Ways to recapture red wine stains from upholstery

Follow These 3 Easy Steps!

1. First, try to scrape out any blood that's not soaked into your carpet yet and then apply cold water to the stained part. Make sure you only use cold water. Luke-warm water can make the stain even worse and tougher. Once the cold water has soaked into your carpet, wait patiently. This helps to loosen up the dried blood.

2. Using hydrogen peroxide to create a bubbling effect is a very effective technique. Take a sponge and soak it with hydrogen peroxide and dab it on the stained part of your carpet to remove the stain. Allow it to stay for just a few minutes and then soak up all the liquids with a dry rag.

3. Spray the soiled part with liquid laundry detergent if the hydrogen peroxide doesn't take out the dried blood. Try to evenly massage the detergent into the stain with the help of your finger. After some time, apply cold water to the area and soak up the liquids with a dry rag. If you have not been able to remove the stains after following these tips, make sure you call a professional carpet cleaning company for professional assistance and best results.

Ways to recapture red wine stains from upholstery

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