Which is the Best Carpet Cleaning Method


30 March, 2020

Neat and clean carpets are a sign of prestige in our homes and commercial buildings. Everyone is busy cleaning houses at the beginning of spring. It is the time; generally, people look for a carpet cleaner.

However, it is very critical to choose the right carpet cleaning service and method. You should keep notice that carpet cleaning is not just merely a process to remove stains, indeed a suitable facility to prolong and improve the performance and life of your carpet as well. Commonly it is a misconception that we should only clean carpets on noticing stains. Carpets should get cleaning after every 12- 18 months. you may need to clean more frequently as per the warranty of the carpet.

You have several options for getting rid of the dirt from your carpets. These include carpet cleaning, hot water extraction, carpet shampooing, dry steam cleaning, encapsulation, and so on. These services can perplex the public for its meaning, and most people misuse these words.

At Kings Carpet Cleaning in Brampton, we give accurate information to our clients for choosing the appropriate cleaning method for their dirty carpets.

Top carpet cleaning methods by Kings Carpet

Note: Below written carpet cleaning methods may not be suitable for your requirement, but still these are the most popular methods for carpet cleaning.

  • Hot water extraction cleaning

  • Hot water extraction cleaning is also known as steam carpet cleaning. It agitates the carpet fibre for dissolving dirt in the carpet by the use of high pressured hot water. During the process, we apply the cleaning agent on the surface with dirt. We make use of a brush for agitation of carpet following with rinsing.

    Carpet gets washing by carpet cleaning equipment after the settlement of cleaning agent for a short duration, to rinse the cleaning agent. At last, the carpet dries in a room with air-conditioned temperature. It would take about 2 hrs to clean and 4 hrs to dry an average sized carpeted office of 3000 sq ft. Most expert carpet cleaners recommend cleaning carpets in the late afternoons and leave for drying overnight. By such, you can resume office work the next morning without any disruption.

  • Encapsulation

  • In the process of foam encapsulation, we make use of synthetic detergents as a base that crystallizes in powder form on drying. It encapsulates loosened dirt particles in carpet fibre into powder and dries cleaning foam on applying. Eventually, dried foam is vacuumed or brushed after cleaning.

    The foam encapsulation cleaning technique is a good alternative to carpet shampooing technology due to use of less water during cleaning and taking a shorter time to dry. It has received a green signal from the protagonist of environmentally friendly products as it leaves a less chemical residue. This method has a limitation of technology to clean dense soiling carpet thoroughly. But it is efficient to deliver excellent cleaning results.

  • Dry carpet cleaning

  • Dry carpet cleaning or compound cleaning is the newest technique for carpet cleaning though has received thumbs up from leading carpet manufacturers. It offers effective cleaning performance and convenience and does not require time for drying.

    t uses a motorized counter rotating brush machine allowing the compound to settle inside by opening up the carpet fibre. You get profound carpet cleaning results by this process, which is its highlight application. Cleaning compounds working like micro sponges is sufficient to absorb dissolved dirt in the carpet and formed up of biodegradable material.

    Different dry carpet cleaning equipment manufacturers customize the design and function and also develop their formula for cleaning compounds or powders. Dry carpet cleaning is a reliable method for cleaning any carpet. The cleaning process does not interrupt the operations of the office by cleaning overnight.

  • Rotary shampoo

  • Rotary carpet shampoo in Brampton cleaning method prefers chemicals just the same in the case with cylindrical foam. The machine it uses for cleaning provides a shampoo solution by attaching to the solution tank. Then a diluted solution is applied to the carpet by feeding through a tub to a “shower-feed”. The machine also has a round brush that scrubs the carpet while applying shampoo. We recommend avoiding using it on cut pile carpet as it can untwist the pile.

  • Classical brush and detergent method

  • Before the invention of washing machines, this method was quite popular. You need a brush, water and a good detergent. In this process, the rug gets sundry after thoroughly scrubbing. It cannot work with a wall-to-wall floor covering as it is not possible to place the floor outdoors for drying.

  • Cylindrical foam shampoo

  • During this procedure, an appliance with an air compressor works for whipping the shampoo solution into dense foam. Then the cylindrical brush brushes foam onto the carpet. On drying of carpet, removal of shampoo and particles goes by vacuuming it. This method is more of a surface cleaning so can use it frequently for quick drying. It is best suitable for commercial installation requiring regular washing and fast drying.

  • Carpet shampooing

  • Shampoo carpet cleaning was common practice for carpet cleaning before the introduction of encapsulation technology. This method requires a long time to dry as it leaves a massive amount of wet foam residue in the carpet. Such mats become sticky on drying as it does not involve rinsing after shampooing. Due to its demerit, it is less popular than other carpet cleaning methods.

Kings Carpet Cleaning - Get best carpet cleaning in Brampton

Kings carpet cleaning is a popular name for carpet cleaning in Brampton offering meticulous cleaning without impairing your carpet. At our service, you get all the necessary facilities for carpet cleaning including carpet shampoo, dry carpet cleaning, hot water extraction and encapsulation. By making proper use of high-powered equipment and useful cleaning procedures, we provide efficient cleaning jobs to remove stain and odour from your carpets.

Also, we provide service for sofa shampoo and sofa cleaning in Brampton at genuine rates. If you need carpet cleaning in Brampton or anywhere in Toronto, contact us, to get back your carpets in brand new condition.


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