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Auto detailing and auto washing are two different terms, irrespective of what many people think about them to be alike. Auto detailing is relatively a wider term as compared to auto washing that makes the automobile appear spotlessly clean both internally and externally. Unlike car washing, auto detailing incorporates the practice of handwashing done by expert detailers. However, Kings Carpet Cleaning, the best car cleaning service in Brampton is here to help you learn more about auto detailing services offered in Canada.

The term auto detailing is bifurcated into two segments, one being Interior detailing and the other being exterior detailing.Let’s surf through the protocol followed by Kings Carpet Cleaning that makes it the best auto detailing services in Canada.

Interior Auto Detailing Services

Besides the external cleanliness of the automobiles, inner cleanliness is equally important to add life to the automobile and feel good when you travel in it. Similar to cleaning the exteriors, the interiors of the car also require more time and effort. The contaminated air exhaust of the cars are responsible for spreading allergens throughout the cabin, also the stains and filth leads to the failure of switches and even the unclear windows also make the vision vague for the drivers. This is the reason why auto detailing requires more hardcore cleaning apart from water and soap.Once you visit us for the best car cleaning service in Brampton, our expert detailers analyze your car and employ different methods of interior auto detailing depending upon the requirements. The auto detailing process includes:


The initial step of auto cleaning includes vacuuming of the seats, rear area, dashboard, headliners and so on. Not only this, for the areas that are hard to reach with vacuum, our experts use the air compressors to deep clean the areas.

Brushing and Steam Cleaning

In this step, our technicians do deep scrubbing of the floor mats to eradicate stains and blemishes that have accrued over a long time. To make it more efficient, we also use steam cleaners.

Cleaning the Glass

Our experts aim to provide the best car cleaning service in Toronto, so they ensure that the glass remains clear and dazzling. This does not hamper the driver’s vision.

Leather Edging

Being the best car cleaning company in Vancouver, we have the best and effective leather cleaner and saddle soap that is used by our experts to tidy the leather parts of the car. Moreover, if your cars’ leather is dry, we also offer customized conditioner to make the cleaning process more effective.

Re-vacuuming and Scrubbing

One-time vacuuming is not enough, so re-vacuuming is yet another important step that cannot be missed. This is essential for eliminating the dirt from the deep corners of the cabin. The detailers at Kings Carpet use cleaning detergent and clean cloth to restore the original shine of the car.

Perfuming the automobile

A car that looks clean and smells good is the first choice of everyone. Therefore our cleaners make it a point to use a good car perfume to make it smell good.

Exterior Auto Detailing Services

What makes us the best car cleaning company in Vancouver is our procedure of not only giving a car a quick wash on the exteriors but making it gleam like the new one. Furthermore, if the car has any scratches on the exteriors our detailers use shielding paint sealer to lessen them.Our expert process for exterior auto detailing services comprises of:

Washing and drying

Contrary to car washing, auto detailing is a combination of manual and mechanical processes. To begin with our detailers spray the car with a particular spray that is high in power, following which they hand wash the rims, door jambs, glass and other external parts of the car that needs cleaning.


Yet another important step in auto detailing is applying clay on the exteriors of the car to expel the impurities, residues of overspray and other things that cannot be expelled with general detergents.
Polishing - With the passing time and usage of the car, it loses its shine or polish. However, this step is performed to help it retain its shine.Sealing – Later to seal the shine and give it glossier look, a sealant is applied by our technicians to let the client experience the best car cleaning service in Toronto.
Probing further, besides the aforementioned services, other steps such as rim repainting, engine cleaning, polishing of headlight, pressure cleaning of the engine, bumper repairing, glass repair and paint touch-ups are also offered by us.

Best Auto Detailing Service in Canada

As discussed above our detailers at the Kings Carpet Cleaning, firstly analyze the automobile with regard to its paint, previous and present damages, like flaking, peeling, cracks, rusting, or acidic damages if any. Later they offer the recommend best car cleaning service in Brampton in accordance with the car’s condition. The consistent auto detailing service for your automobiles keeps it look appealing, no matter how old it is.


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